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About Xflam Pty Ltd

Xflam, Fire Rated InsulationOriginally developed by the EDM-Ceco Group, in Belfast Northern Ireland, Xflam Pty Ltd are the current license holders for the Xflam range of insulation materials.

Previously, within the architectural bonded panel industry, a range of insulation materials for the panel cores including expanded and extruded polystyrene, mineral rock fibre, lamella boards and polyurethane/polyisocyanurate (PUR/PIR) were often used.

Each of these insulation products have particular characteristics which offer different benefits in terms of thermal performance, weight, workability, etc., however they all have specific disadvantages too and choice of a core material was sometimes a difficult decision. Xflam recognised the need for a single product which could offer all the positive aspects of these materials without the associated drawbacks of each.

During the late 90's the Insurance Sector started to voice their concerns over the use of expanded polystyrene as a sandwich panel core material, due to the way in which EPS performs in a fire situation. Expanded Polystyrene was the preferred core material with many panel providers due to its excellent mechanical properties, and its ability to product optically flat panels, however it was no longer feasible as a mainstream core material for this use.

Xflam embarked on a 5 year program of research to develop a rigid insulation material, suitable for use in this area, leading to the Xflam range of insulation products.

In 2008, Xflam became part of an Australasian group of companies that are market leaders and specialists in the manufacture and installation of insulated, fire rated and architectual panel systems and associated building products.