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XFLAM Manufacturing Locations within Australasia

Xflam Pty Ltd
270 Hammond Rd
Victoria 3175
Tel: +61 3 9791 7999
Fax: +61 3 9791 7566

Bondor - New Zealand

Bondor New Zealand
60 O'Rourke Rd,
PO Box 11-169,
Auckland 1542,
New Zealand
Tel: +69 9 580 6600
Fax: +69 9 580 6616

Austral Insulation and Bondor New Zealand have been manufacturing insulated panels for many years, with their products used to construct many hundreds of Cold Storage Complexes, Food Processing facilities and a variety of other building applications in both the Domestic and International market places.

Licensing Opportunities

Xflam Pty Ltd are offering manufacturing license opportunities in all regions across the world except Australasia and the UK, where the product is already available.

These licenses will allow an organisation to manufacture a range of foams for various applications and will be negotiated to allow the licensee to supply a defined market and territory.

Interested parties should be able to show that they can satisfy the following:

  • Are knowledgeable of insulation markets in their particular region
  • Are capable of financing such a venture
  • Have a track record of being successful with new technology
  • Show compatibility with the Xflam network elsewhere

Licenses will not be agreed in a way which causes market saturation in any particular region.

A typical draft license agreement is available on request.